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Autism, ADHD, and Sensory Workshop Promotional
January 16th from 12:00 – 12:30 PM This webinar will be all about ear infections and what you can do to break the cycle of chronic ear issues and prevent other immune challenges from becoming a reality. Join us live on 1/16/19 or sign up to receive the replay link if you cant make it
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Balance and Tension There are two simple words that can help you understand chiropractic: balance and tension. Stress causes problems in both of these areas, whether it’s physical stress, chemical stress, or emotional stress. Out of Balance Now, when your spine is out of balance, it certainly can and does place unusual tension on the

New Year and New You!

January 1st calander marker
‘Tis the season We just finished the gauntlet that is “the holiday season.” As we rounded the corner on Thanksgiving and ran headstrong into the Christmas season, schedules were packed full with kids Christmas programs, office holiday parties, and for a lot of families, some creative and crazy travel schedules to make sure you could
Stressed out mother with a screaming child.
As a mom and business owner myself, I GET IT. Life can be stressful. From the moment you wake up, you already have a mental to do list in your head, and that’s before you’ve even had your coffee! I’m going to share with you 3 tips to help you be less stressed, more connected,
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Children’s Bodies Take a Lot of Physical Trauma From learning to walk to playing sports, climbing trees and growing, your child’s joints and muscles take a beating. Although most children get over the minor stumbles and falls fairly quickly, these small changes in the musculoskeletal system set the stage for misalignment of the spine. Most
Man getting chiropractic care.
Millions of Americans see a chiropractor every year. Despite the prevalence of the profession, numerous myths still persist. You should never allow these misconceptions to prevent you from seeing an experienced family chiropractor in Madison, WI. Here are several myths that have been debunked and that you should never listen to. Chiropractors Only Deal With

Healthy Tips for Back to School

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Back to school usually means that families get back into a routine with sports, education and other activities. The first couple of weeks can be difficult with a new schedule, teachers and coaches who all expect kids to be at their best. Below are tips on helping get your kids into the back to school
An infant wrapped in pink ready for the chiropractor
Most people assume that chiropractors only benefit adults, but there are actually a great number of advantages for young children and infants. In fact, taking your baby to your family chiropractic care provider can reduce, or even eliminate, many of the common discomforts and ailments your infant is facing. Consider these five ways that your
A pregnant women reading up on how chiropractic care can help.
Naturally, pregnancy is a time of joy, but once you begin to experience morning sickness, it may not seem all that great. Most women anticipate the nausea and vomiting, but when it actually occurs, the severity can take them by surprise. Some women will even experience hyperemesis gravidarum, which is when women experience extreme vomiting,
Dr. Jill helping with an infant chiropractic adjustment
Our infants and children experience far more stresses than we realize, starting while they’re still in the womb. This stress helps set off a chain of events that tend to be precursors for many childhood issues. The Three T’s Everyone’s central nervous system perceives and adapts to stress, especially infants and developing children. Chiropractors refer